Paddington Survivors Group

As survivors of a major disaster we have been through experiences that very few people have.
We have in the past successfully campaigned for rail safety to be taken more seriously.
Now, as we move on from the immediate, devastating effects the crash had on our lives, we have put together this web site. It is impossible to count the number of times that the phrase "I wish I had known that" has been said since the crash.
This site has been set up to try to ensure that others who find themselves in the same position as us in the future know where to come to.
...and they never have to say.   "I wish I had known that"

On Tuesday the 5th October 1999 a First Great Western Inter-City train headed for London collided head-on with a Bedwyn bound Thames Trains Turbo.
The resulting impact killed 31 people and changed the lives of thousands forever. Whilst there were just 575 passengers and staff on the trains, the effects hit far wider. Partners, children parents, employers, the emergency services, local residents and workers, investigators, legislators and so on.
A disaster makes headlines for a period of time, but the consequences last far, far longer.
We wish to help others by sharing our experiences.

News - 20th Anniversary

The Twentieth Anniversary of the Paddington Rail Crash was on 5th October, 2019. 
There were two events held for the day, full details are on the LG20 website.