The Paddington Survivors Group Support Site

6th November 2004.

Following an incident between Reading and Newbury a train has derailed at Ufton Nervet in Berkshire resulting in several deaths and many injuries.

Jonathan Duckworth, Chair of the Paddington Survivors Group, said:

"Obviously we are very, very upset to hear of this crash. Having been through a terrible incident ourselves our thoughts are with all those involved.

As details of the incident are limited we are not able to make any further comment at the moment, however we hope that in the next few days we can be of practical assistance to all those affected through information on our website."

Update 10th November 2004.

It is now confirmed that 7 people died in the crash.

There are a number of threads in the Forum on this site that are very relevant to the Ufton Nervet crash.

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