The Paddington Survivors Group Support Site

Only you know what you have been through. Your friends, family, colleagues, employers and anyone else close to you will not know what you saw, felt, heard. You may not want to talk about it. Try to explain to them how you are feeling, even if you can't give them details.

After the initial few days and weeks, life will get back to some sort of normality. However what you will find is that as the media interest wanes, your story becomes less important to people around, and you are expected just to get on with things. This can be very hard on you, as it is such an important part of you and your life.

You may develop longer term health issues. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) doesn't develop immediately and you cannot be accurately assessed for it until about 6 months have passed.

Until you have been assessed by a psychiatrist and treated:

  • Don't move house!
  • Don't get divorced!
  • Don't change jobs!

If you make a major decision like that before you know you haven't been affected, you may well be doing it for entirely the wrong reasons.