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In order to make a compensation claim you should appoint a lawyer. They will act as your interface with the insurance companies, ensuring that the correct steps are taken for you.

There are time limits for claims, and claims normally are made up individual parts. A lawyer with experience in Personal Injury (PI) claims will help you with all this.

Remember that in cases where there are large numbers of claimants the insurers will have a dedicated team working for them.

Finally, you will appoint a lawyer in these circumstances when you are at a low point in your life. The vast majority of their work for you will be absolutely what you need. But, how ever you feel about how important the claim is to you, you are a client to them. They get fees for representing you, it is a business relationship.

Try to keep a sense of perspective about the relationship you have with your lawyer.

Local Specialist
Personal attention from someone you may know Have good links with the Insurance companies
Plenty of experience of trauma and personal injury claims
May not have good Personal Injury Claim experience Your claim can become just one of many claims