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The Oxford Dictionary defines a disaster as a 'Sudden or great misfortune, calamity'. However, whatever the definition, being involved in a disaster can be devastating for a victim and their family.

You are going about your usual routine, when an event, so extreme and totally unexpected happens. You probably have little control over it, you may have no idea initially what is happening.

You see terrible things, you fear that you are going to die. In a matter of seconds you have gone from normality to something so extraordinary you wouldn't imagine seeing it in a film.

What is absolutely sure is that the event will change your life forever. A few days after you may not think so now, as the sky is deep blue, the sun shines brightly and you think being alive is so wonderful.

Very few people know what you have just been through. Those closest to you are often in the worst position to understand.

But don't worry, however badly you are affected, you will get better, you can be treated.

And soon you will be able to look back on your disaster in a positive way. It will become just part of your past.

Recent disasters in the UK.

Date Disaster Killed Injured
21/10/84 M6 Motorway crash 13 many
11/5/85 Bradford stadium fire 56 265
22/8/85 Manchester aircraft fire 55
6/3/87 Herald of Free Enterprise 193
19/8/87 Hungerford shootings 16 16
28/10/87 M61 Motorway crash 12 6
18/11/87 Kings Cross Fire 31 over 50
6/7/88 Piper Alpha Oil Platform fire 167 61
12/12/88 Clapham rail crash 35 many
21/12/88 Lockerbie aircraft bomb 270 5
8/1/89 Kegworth air crash 47
15/4/89 Hillsborough stadium disaster 95 400
20/8/89 Marchioness sinking 51
13/3/91 M4 Motorway crash 10 many
13/3/96 Dunblane shootings 17 14
19/8/97 Southall rail crash 7 176
5/10/99 Paddington rail crash 31 417
17/10/00 Hatfield rail crash 4 100
28/2/01 Selby rail collision 10 70
10/5/02 Potters Bar rail crash 7 70
6/11/04 Ufton Nervet derailment 7 80
7/7/05 London Bombings 56 700